We're into wine and whiskey not because it's fancy and expensive, but because it's fun and social. And that's why we're all about making great bottles accessible to everyone—no matter the price point. In our retail space, we feature a highly curated selection of bottles from around the world whose producers are totally transparent about their production methods. In fact, about 70% of our inventory is either organic, natural, sustainable, or biodynamic (and we promise that the remaining 30% aren't owned by Monsanto). When you're ready to browse our selection, our highly qualified team of wine professionals—including 2 certified sommeliers and several wine enthusiasts—is here to help you find the perfect bottle, whether it's something to pair with tonight's dinner, a wine to sip on with Netflix, or a boutique whiskey that you're looking to add to your collection.

In addition to the retail space, we teach a host of wine and whiskey classes that are perfectly tailored toward novices and experts alike, and host higher-end tastings for more serious wine aficionados. We're unpretentious about drinking and firmly believe that the most important thing about wine and whiskey is figuring out what you love to drink. We're here to help you figure that out. Cheers to that!


Eric Rydin
Owner & Manager

Eric took his first step into the wine world when he moved to New York and needed to pay the bills. But one thing led to another, and after a summer of wine-tasting with his Bordeaux-loving father, Eric caught a serious case of the wine bug, became a certified sommelier, and eventually opened up this shop. Eric's particularly knowledgable about Bordeaux and other French wine, but you can ask him virtually anything about wine and whiskey.


Manon Cooper
Events & Marketing Manager

Manon grew up in both France and California, where her parents took her on numerous wine-tasting road trips. Despite this early start in wine, Manon's first passion was food, and for several years she worked in the editorial sphere at a few major food publications in New York. Now at Le Grand Triage, she's returned to her wine-loving roots and is working toward becoming a certified sommelier.


Sara Dreibelbis
Whiskey Buyer

Sara is devoted to all things food and drink, both in and out of the shop. So when she isn't nerding out over craft whiskeys (ask her about her latest visits around the country!), she's a personal chef for families in the city. Sara also worked as a pastry chef soon after moving to the city, so she’s an expert in food chemistry and knows all about the art of making the best food and wine pairings.


Nancy Elizabeth
Wine Consultant

Nancy first moved to New York to work in performing arts and has been in countless theatre productions and voice overs ever since. Throughout her career in show business, she's also indulged her passion for wine with stints at popular bars and restaurants around the city. Now at Le Grand Triage, she continues to love everything about good wine and is working toward becoming a certified sommelier.


Ben Choi
Wine Consultant

By day Ben manages financial planning and analysis for a restaurant group, and by night he and geeks out over French wines (just ask him to tell you about Cru Beaujolais or basically anything from the Loire Valley—he’s got a healthy obsession with both). Now at Le Grand Triage, he’s taking a deep dive into the wine world at large and working toward his WSET Diploma certification after having received his WSET Level 3 certification.


Antoinette McCarty
Wine Educator

Annie's passion for wine was first sparked when her parents decided to open a wine bar in Long Island. She immediately put herself to learning everything about the field, and after long hours spent with wine books and wine glasses (hint: it takes lots and lots of tasting), she's now a certified sommelier with a wickedly expert palate—and one of our most popular class instructors.

Want to join the team? We're always thrilled to chat with other wine & whiskey aficionados and welcome you to send over your resume anytime by emailing cs@legrandtriage.com.