Join the Wine Club

You'll receive 2 wines every month—either a classic selection of traditional bottlings, or fun, geeky finds that haven't yet made it into the mainstream market—that are thoughtfully selected by our resident sommelier. These bottles aren't available in the store, so you'll have the chance to try exclusive, hard-to-find wines. Plus, you'll enjoy extra perks, like free tickets to class and discounts on Wine Club bottles you’d like to repurchase. It's perfect for the wine aficionado who's looking to learn more or expand their palate!

Already in the club? View the member page for additional resources.


What will I receive?
You'll get a combination of seasonal picks, including red, white, sparkling, and rosé, plus a card that includes tasting notes and recommended pairings. All wines are selected by our resident sommelier and are exclusive to the Club, so you won't find them available for purchase in the store. To get an idea of what you might receive, check out the wines we've featured in the past.

What are the perks?
Every 3 months that you’re a member, you'll get 2 free tickets to any wine class, plus 10% off any of the wines you’d like to repurchase from the Club.

Where is the Wine Club available?
The Wine Club is available in Manhattan only. If you have any questions about our delivery or shipping policies for addresses outside the Manhattan area, please contact us at

Do you deliver to offices or buildings with no doormen?
We do! If your building does not have a doorman, we’ll get in touch to coordinate the best delivery window.

When do I receive my wines?
Wine Club bottles are ready for pickup 2 business days after the 15th of every month, and we do our best to hand-deliver within 1 week of the 15th of every month. We appreciate your patience if it takes us a bit longer to get to you!

How does billing work?
When signing up online, you’ll pay for the first month at checkout. Subsequent months will be charged automatically on the same day of the month that you originally signed up (i.e. if you signed up on the 9th, you’ll be charged on the 9th of every month). If you sign up in the store, you’ll be charged on the 15th of every month regardless of the date you joined the Club.

I don't know which membership to choose. Any suggestions?
We suggest signing up for Le Grand Classic if you're new to wine, generally hard to please, or have a more traditional palate. With the Classic membership, you won't find any surprises—just excellent bottlings from renowned winemaking regions of the world. Le Grand Voyage, on the other hand, is perfect for the more adventurous wine-drinker who's looking to discover weird and wonderful wines: Voyage members should be excited to try wines that could sometimes be considered an acquired taste.

Can I pause, cancel, or change my membership?
Absolutely. To make any changes to your membership, just email us at before noon on the 15th of that month, and we’ll confirm that you’ve either changed your membership, paused until a set date, or canceled your subscription.

Can I buy a membership as a gift?
Absolutely! Just click the link below to select the length of membership you'd like to gift.