Antonopoulos Arkadia Moschofilero 2015

Antonopoulos Arkadia Moschofilero 2015


Moschofilero is an aromatic grape from Greece that’s similar in flavor to Muscat, and it’s unique, pink and purple hue gives this wine the slightest pink twinge. Here, the grape is grown on a dry, high-altitude plateau, so winemakers craft some of the cleanest bottlings in the world. 

Tasting Notes: A powerful bouquet of stone fruit, citrus flowers,
and rose petals that is complimented nicely by a crisp, refreshing acidity and slightly sweet spiciness on the finish. Perfect for summer. 

Pairings: Scallops, white fish, goat cheese. 

Varietal: Moschofilero
Soil Types: clay, sandy clay, marl (clay loam)
Fermentation: 9 to 10 hours of skin contact; stainless steel fermentation
Aging: stainless steel

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