Château Mercian Yamanashi Muscat Bailey A 2012

Château Mercian Yamanashi Muscat Bailey A 2012


Winemakers have been growing grapes in Japan for over a century, but up
until the 1920s, most wines were low quality because cold winters prevented
grapes from fully ripening. To solve the issue, winemakers crossbreed
varietals to create what is now Japan’s signature grape: Muscat Bailey A.

Tasting Notes: Tangy acidity complements muddied notes of macerated strawberry, cranberry, plum, and rhubarb.

Pairings: Beef ramen, pork buns, grilled chicken skewers.

Varietal: Muscat Bailey A
Soil Type: gravel
Fermentation: stainless steel
Aging: oak

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