Combel La Serre Côtes du Lot Carbo 2016

Combel La Serre Côtes du Lot Carbo 2016


This Malbec is made via carbonic maceration, a technique vintners have borrowed from Beaujolais to make soft, delicate wines with heavier grape varietals. The process involves letting grapes in a sealed tank gently soak with their skins after gravity has crushed the bottom grapes, releasing CO2.

Tasting Notes: Each sip has carbonic favors of fresh, easy drinking cherry-red fruit—or as the French might put it, deliciously “glou glou.”

Pairings: Pork belly, roasted butternut squash, spaghetti and meatballs.

Varietal: hand-harvested Malbec
Soil Types: clay, limestone
Fermentation: carbonic maceration and fermentation in tanks
Aging: concrete tanks

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