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Timbre Winery Opening Act Chardonnay 2015

Seamless night in: Sweet Green’s Harvest Bowl

BYOB out: One of the rolls from Luke’s Lobster

Recipe Pairing: Food Network’s Croque Madame Sandwich

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Best's Great Western Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

Seamless night in: A beef of bison burger from Bareburger

BYOB out: Any of the red meats from Tribeca Grill

Recipe Pairing: Grilled steak thanks to Bon Appétit’s guide, How to Grill Steak in 10 Easy Steps

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Brick & Mortar Napa Valley Vin Clair 2018

Seamless night in: Your favorite sushi rolls

BYOB out: Roasted trout from Riverpark

Recipe Pairing: Southern Living’s Kentucky Benedictine Tea Sandwiches

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Il Chiosso Fara 2015

Seamless night in: Assorted tacos from a Mexican food cart

BYOB out: Anything from Oaxaca Taqueria

Recipe Pairing: Food & Wine’s Ratatouille and Poached Egg

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About the artist

We're delighted to feature art by Case Jernigan on Wine Club inserts! Case is a Brooklyn-based artist who specializes in mixed-media art, paper-cutouts, drawings, and animation. For more information or to view Case's full portfolio, please visit and follow @wcjern on Instagram.